Obstacle Race League Inaugural Event


We are making history in North FL with the beginning of the Obstacle Race League. Here’s how it works: Hobie Call will be putting together a Spartan Race team, Ray Upshaw will be putting together a Tough Mudder team, we will be putting together a Superhero Scramble team, and anyone else that wants to put together a team of 4 can participate. Teams are all men or all women and the top 3 times will be added together to decide the winner. You must all be entered in the SCRAMBLE GAMBLE to participate in the competition. The top 3 males and top 3 females still qualify for the CASH! Please email [email protected] with your accolades if you want to be considered for Team Superhero! Again, this will be one of the biggest days in obstacle race history!

– Sean
Founder, Superhero Scramble

From the moment Superhero Scramble decided to compete in the fast growing obstacle race industry, it had a mission to legitimize the sport and create the Obstacle Race League.

With their unique creation of the SCRAMBLE GAMBLE, a competitive wave that pays out a cash prize, and the team competition in the Obstacle Race League which also pays out additional cash, they have harnessed an opportunity that allows the best athletes to turn their hobby into a career.

Here’s how the two work:
Think you got what it takes to win? You wanna take a shot at up to $3,000 in cold hard CASH? If you do, then put your money where your fitness is. Introducing the Scramble Gamble™. For an additional $30.00 you can compete in this first of its kind event for a chance to win a cash prize. The entire $30.00 goes into a pot (thats right, no funny business). The cash prize is split between the top 3 males and females. These are the only 2 divisions, there will no age separation. The winner will get 60% of the pot, second will recieve 25% and 15% for third place (the purse will be separated by gender).

Obstacle Race League
Team Format
3-4 Runners Per Team (Male & Female Divisions, No Co-Ed)

Score Format
Best 3 Times will be added up to determine the winner.

Scramble Gamble 8:20 am

Cash Prize,Trophy and all the bragging rights that come with it.

History will be made at the inaugural Obstacle Race League event on July 28th in North FL.

Get all the details at http://superheroscramble.com/events/north_florida/ and if you want to partake or simply be a part of the action, make sure to register by July 23rd.

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