American Ninja Warrior Gym Finder

Looking for a American Ninja Warrior style gym near you to go try some of the obstacles you’ve seen on TV, or to practice and get ready for next-year’s season? Check out the map below for ninja warrior gyms!

If you know of a ninja warrior gym we are missing, you can shoot us a note to [email protected]

Many of the gyms contain all the obstacles you’ve seen on TV – from the Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Quintuple Steps, and many more.  Several of the gyms are innovating and creating their own unique obstacles!  Many have classes and group lessons to help you along in your training.  There are also two independent ninja warrior leagues that have started up (UNAA and National Ninja League) that are holding their own competitions, including a final championship, across the country to give ninjas the opportunity to compete at other times.

You can also see American ninja warrior training gyms by state, or local ninja warrior competitions by state at!