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Event Recap: Urban Mudder, New York NY July 25, 2015

On July 25, Tough Mudder rolled out its latest product: Urban Mudder, a shorter, cleaner obstacle course event that copies many of Tough Mudder’s signature obstacles for a broader audience.

Coach’s Brigade Runs TM Tahoe | Tough Mudder’s Coachified – Episode...

Tune in here on Mud and Adventure on Mondays for a exclusive first look at the new episode of Coachified, Tough Mudder’s team-building, comfort zone-crushing original web series starring the one and only Coach T. Mud.

Urban Mudder: The folks at Tough Mudder want to make you...

This summer Tough Mudder will be launching a new series, Urban Mudder (http://urbanmudder.com/), and they are bringing the event to New York on July 25 to showcase what they hope will be a complementary product to their successful Tough Mudder events

The 50 Most Influential People in Obstacle Racing 2015

From corporate leaders to race directors to muddy social media darlings, these 50 figures spent 2014 influencing thousands of participants' experience.

So how exactly does one train for a Tough Mudder? Just...

Have you ever wondered how a person trains for an obstacle course challenge with climbing walls, pendulum swings, high jumps, monkey bars and crawling (literally) through the mud? The answer is not as crazy as you might think.

Gulf Coast Tough Mudder Race Review

Tough Mudder Head Quarters has been promising to be “Redefined” in 2015 with new, more challenging obstacles and updated versions of old classics, so there was a lot of anticipation and chatter while waiting outside the entrance for the first Tough Mudder event of 2015, located in the pan-handle of Florida.

Tough Mudder Bigger and Badder in 2015

Tough Mudder is bigger and badder in 2015!

Obstacle Race Organizers Join in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

While obstacle racers are no strangers to cold water (Artic Enema anyone?), it seems like everyone lately has taken up dumping cold water on...

“What’s Your Favorite Obstacle Race?”

A lot of my friends know that I enjoy racing. “What is your favorite obstacle race?” is a question I have been asked many times. I have competed in many types of races in the last few years. Can I pick one that is my favorite?

Tough Mudder Training: Everest

Tough Mudder teamed up with Under Armour to to help you prepare for Everest - one of the toughest obstacles out there.

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