Coaches Corner: Spartan Weight Loss


300 workout group squats

Welcome to America, where 2/3 of the population is overweight and most of the other 1/3 thinks they are. Our rising desire to lose weight and our equally passionate obsession with “quick fixes” has created a landscape of as many theories, solutions, and “experts” for what works as there are people to read them. Unfortunately, thanks to all the hype that’s circulating from TV shows, magazines, social media, and water cooler conversations, very few people can stay on any single course long enough to be successful. Instead, they spend their time leaping from fad to fad. So here’s the secret that no fitness pro or nutritionist will tell you….It is [almost] always not what you do that’s most important, rather, it’s your consistency and belief in what you’re doing that ultimately matters most.


By keeping your head in the game and putting one foot in front of the other, you’ll more effectively achieve your goals. Currently in this country, over 80% of all weight loss gym-goers are failing. What’s more surprising is that the stats are almost the same whether you go to a no-commitment, stop-by-anytime, $10 per month gym that serves free bagels and pizza to it’s members, or, you have a top dollar trainer in the heart of the city that has you on strict rations of apples and kale and makes you push weight until you puke every session. Belief, passion, commitment, accountability, and consistency are almost always lacking no matter where you go – So here’s your new plan:


  1. Forget everything you’ve heard about eating and exercising. That’s right, the eating every three hours or not after 7pm thing? Done with it. Breakfast may not be YOUR most important meal of the day. If you’re even close to puking after training it was not “a good workout”. Calories do not matter and all most supplements do is give you more expensive urine. For now, just follow the program below for ONE MONTH and see what happens, while avoiding all the other garbage that can derail your focus. read more

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