Gear Review: Mudgear Compression & 1/4 Crew Trail Socks


A review of MudGear’s compression 1/4 length crew socks.

I’m not a scientist or kinesiologist, so don’t look to me for anything more than anecdotal evidence one way or the other, ok? Here’s what I think after wearing multiple different brands, models, and sizes of compression socks and sleeves for years: Aside from a stupidly misguided attempt to PR marathons on back-to-back weekends in 2013, I’ve never had a really bad race while wearing compression socks. Whether it’s superstition or the magical healing powers of squeezy lycra garments hugging my gastrocnemii, you can decide for yourself. My calves feel fresher while running longer distances, I have chalked that up to less impact/shaking of calves per each footfall (or once again, magic). When running marathons, knee-high compression socks are a perfect place to slip an extra energy gel. During OCRs, a little extra shin and ankle protection is never a bad thing. Let’s face it, they just look pretty cool

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