Gear Review: Mikios Body Scrub


Product: Mikios Body Scrub – Peppermint

Company Info: Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC. 225 Main St, #855.  Hiram, GA 30141

Mission Statement/Objective: A healthy choice of quality body scrubs at an affordable price.

Product Claim(s): Removes dead skin cells, relieves muscle pain and cramps, flushes out toxins, fights bacteria and acne, enhances skin color and texture, moisturizes and soothes skin, improves use of insulin, contains antibacterial ingredients, antioxidants, speeds up healing of the skin, and no need for lotion after use.

First Impression: The products smell great.  I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the container that was sent.  It wasn’t just a small sample (3 other smaller samples of flavors were provided). The containers did have some of the oil/lotion on the outside of them, but nothing a paper towel can’t fix.

Background Information:  I don’t use body scrubs or moisturizers, just sunblock.  I live in Las Vegas, NV which is very dry and dry skin is a problem.  My week generally has 2-4 days of cross training and 2-3 days of running.  This product was provided by Mikios Natural Body Scrub.


As previously stated, I have dry skin to start.

Immediately after: My skin is very smooth were scrub was applied.  It feels like a lotion/oil was applied.  The peppermint is not overwhelming (was a minor concern).

1 hour later: Skin still feels very smooth.

8 hours later: Surprisingly, it is still smooth.  Not nearly as much as before, but still much better than before it was applied.

1 week later: (3 uses) My skin feels overall much healthier than before.

Feedback:  Going back to product claims…there are several on here that I simply can’t say, “yes” or “no” to (i.e. improves use of insulin, flushes out toxins, fights bacteria, reduces pain, etc.).  For those I could determine (no need for lotion and removes dead skin cells), it worked great.  My skin definitely feels better and looks healthier, even after the first use.  Is it a “must have” for mud runs?  Not really.  However, if you live in a dry place like I do and spend a lot of time outdoors, then I would suggest giving it a try.

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  1. Thank you for your “complete” review of the product, Mikios Natural Body Scrub (Peppermint). Your descriptive feedback and before and after pictures will be instrumental for sharing positive feedback about the short-term and long-term benefits/results of using Mikios Natural Body Scrub. Our recent “air tight” tops will provide better product packaging for shipping. Have a awesome day and thank you again. T. Bohler, CEO


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