Obstacle Race Organizers Join in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


While obstacle racers are no strangers to cold water (Artic Enema anyone?), it seems like everyone lately has taken up dumping cold water on themselves for good cause and raising awareness and funds for ALS in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Obstacle race organizers have not been exempt from being called out. In turn they have stepped up to the challenge. Here are a few of them doing just that. BattleFrog’s CEO, Don Mann, even called out Mud and Adventure’s own editor out (me) to partake.

Checkout The Battlegrounds’ ice bucket challenge. They staged it at the bottom of their torpedo launcher obstacle, which consists of a 100-foot water slide that empties into a 12-foot deep pit (usually filled with water.)

Even though they’re all winners here, we have to hand this round to Battlegrounds.

Tough Mudder

The Battlegrounds Mud Run

BattleFrog Race Series


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