OPINION: My Solution to World Championships Overseas


One athlete’s hope that if and when the 3 major world championships (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and OCRWC) move overseas, they coordinate the schedules so that they fall 3 weekends in a row.

If they aren’t on back to back weekends, I would probably have to choose only one of the three to attend. I imagine most people who are even willing to travel overseas to race in the first place are in the same boat as me. Not to mention if the dates were spread out getting off from work would start to become an issue…because I’m not going to fly across the globe just for the weekend to race.**

So Adrian, Joe and Will (or whoever handles scheduling for the respective organizations), if you are reading this and if you plan to move overseas try to line up the events for the sake of the athletes and to limit risk to your events. The travel budget and OCR athletes from the US (where all of these companies base of operations is located) would appreciate it immensely.

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