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“What’s Your Favorite Obstacle Race?”

A lot of my friends know that I enjoy racing. “What is your favorite obstacle race?” is a question I have been asked many times. I have competed in many types of races in the last few years. Can I pick one that is my favorite?

Press Release: Providence Equity Partners Acquires Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and...

The Tough Spartan Warrior Challenge, as the united brand will now be known, will like the Ironman brand encompass the best of each former race’s identity to create a truly world-class OCR series that will have an instant market in the North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Warrior Dash Introduces Goliath – Its Biggest Obstacle Yet

At two stories tall, Goliath is the tallest obstacle in Warrior Dash history.

Warrior Dash – Now with Elite Heat and Championship

Warrior Dash Joins the Elite Class Obstacle Course Races, what we all now refer to as OCRs, are rising every year.  Some of these race...

Gear Review – Salomon Fellraiser

Late last year I was honored to have been given the opportunity to try out a pair of new Salomon Fellraisers.  For the past...

My 2013 OCR Race Recap Video

http://vimeo.com/83104114 Veegofilms just completed the 2013 race recap I participated in. It was a fun year of training, meeting new friends, and getting dirty! It...

Managing Time At Obstacle Course Races

Warrior Dash gives people from all walks of life that chance to do something extraordinary in their ordinary lives. There are no real battlefields,...

2013 NJ Warrior Dash Recap

Ah the Warrior Dash. I’ve heard it called a lot of things. I even heard a guy call it “weak sauce” once. Some people...

Would I Do Savage Race Again? Mid-Atlantic Savage Race Review

Absolutely! Do you love Tough Mudders but wish they were a little bit shorter? Do you wish your Warrior Dash last weekend was a little...

Gear Review / OCR discount– Hippie Runner Headbands

For training I sweat and was getting frustrated with the wrist band or shirt usage for wiping. For races I also needed a product to help with the same and wanted to avoid the cloth products that some races have begun to provide. I found their headbands due to the overwhelming response my wife gave me on their gear belt, but let’s get back to that product later. This focus is on their headbands.

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