Training Routines: Strength Performance Split


I am a big advocate of having a strong base for any athlete. This is a strength routine that can be supplemented into your routine whether you be an OCR athlete or a professional ping pong player. Strength is essential for reaching PR’s while at the same time being just as important for injury prevention.

We keep the rep rage low and the weight high to promote the greatest amount of strength gains and building muscle mass in middle level rep range exercises. To see the best results try this routine giving at least 3 hours of rest between each workout.

3 days on one day off

  • A and B cycles after every rest day
  • use this in an 8 week strength routine
  • your goals is add weight to each lift after every cycle has been completed
  • rest days are meant to be days for you to focus on eating a lot of clean food, naps and stretching tight areas (taking a jog or riding your bike is a great way to flush out the body)




Warm up- 15 minutes on treadmill incline 15

  1. heavy squat ( use barbell or two heavy dumbbells at shoulder level)
    • Reps 5×5 heavy as possible
  2. Weighted lunges ( with barbell or dumbbells) 4x20reps/ superset with 20 jumping lunges
  3. Thrusters 3 sets of max reps in 60 seconds with 20+ pounds 2 minutes rest between each set (if your number gets more than 5 reps from original set drop weight)
  4. 100 sit ups as fast as possible, max plank hold

Cool down- treadmill incline 15 for 10 minutes


Warm up- bike 10 minutes/ stand up every other minute

  1. Bench press 7×3 after superset with 5 handstand push ups or modify with incline push ups
  2. Dips 4×12 use weight to increase load
  3. Tabata push ups ( download app)
  4. 3 sets of back extension max reps

Cool down- bike for 10 minutes at 90%


Warm up- run one mile

  1. Dead lift 5×5
  2. Clean and press 3×20
  3. Max pull ups 4 sets
  4. Heavy row 5×10
  5. Plate holds 3x max time with 25lb plates in each hand

Cool down- run one mile



Warm up- bike 10 minutes

  1. Squat cleans with dumbbells 4×10
  2. Box jumps 3×15
  3. Pistols 4x 20 (assisted or with weight)
  4. Broad jumps 10×3 ( three explosive hops forward then rest)
  5. 2×50 sit ups rest 1:1
  6. Side planks 30 seconds each side 4 sets

Cool down- 10 minute on bike 90%


Warm up- practice hand stand walk and holds

  1. Overhead press 5×5
  2. Deficits push ups 10×10 (stack plates on top of each other 6 inches tall with enough room for you chest to fit between and touch the ground)
  3. Hand stand wall holds (3 max holds 1:1 rest)
  4. Clapping push ups 5×10 (chest must touch the ground)
  5. One arm push press 4×8 each arm

Cool down- incline 15 hike for 10 minutes


Warm up- 3 rounds- 10 BURPEES/15 push ups/ 20 bw squats

  1. Dead lift 5×5 super set with 5 weighted pull ups
  2. Dumbbell snatch 5×12 alternating
  3. Barbell/ dumbbell row 4×8-12
  4. 3 sets max chin ups 3:1 rest ratio
  5. 5×10 dragon levers

Cool down- run 1 mile

yours truly,

Hunter McIntyre


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