Honey Badger Performance Energy Power Review


Taste and physical performance – I would say that the taste was similar to other powdered drinks.  I sampled the lemon lime flavor.  I did not care too much for the aftertaste.  It seemed to linger a bit after consumption.  The product mixed very well with water. 


Side Effect information – I did not sense any of the side effects that Honey Badger claimed may happen but each individual is different.  I would read those side effects and then make sure that you look out for any signs of them as you take the product. 


Performance – Honey Badger seem to provide me with the energy that I needed.   Even on those days were I had two and three workouts a day, I had the energy to complete those workouts.  Looking back on it, the product did seem to delay the fatigue factor in my muscles. 


Ingredients – The caffeine in honey badger is just slightly more than an 8oz cup of coffee.  If you normally take a little caffeine before a race or a workout for its benefits it is already in this product and delivers.   I also like the fact that it has no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavors or colors.  Turmeric provides the color which is an anti-inflammatory.  This is a big bonus to athletes.  Beta-alanine is in this product also which is a molecule that delays muscle fatigue. 


Claims – Honey badger claims to give you the energy you need without the crash.  I think with the amount of hormones and blood pumping through your body when you do a high intensity workout, not sure you would feel a crash anyway.   I did not feel any crashes in my performance.  My workouts consisted of between 30 minutes to 90 minutes of intense activity. 


Summary – Overall, I think this is a quality product.  I would continue to use the product based on my performance while using the product.  I have not used many supplements like this because I do not feel that they give sufficient claims about performance and recovery.  After using Honey Badger, I am a fan of the product and its claims. 


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