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After Action Report: GORUCK Heavy – Mogadishu Mile – Austin

My heart was racing, as though I’d just run a marathon, while I stood in one of three lines with a group of people I could only assume were at least as crazy as I was. Where were we? And why were we there? In the dark of night, after nine o’clock on October 3rd some where in Austin, Texas, 29 candidates stood quietly in anticipation of the start of the GoRuck Heavy event that would commemorate the Mogadishu Mile. Would we all finish? Why was my heart rate so high? Questions racing through my head, my heart continued to thump… hell, we hadn’t even started yet.

GORUCK Selection – the toughest 48 hours in endurance events.

GORUCK Selection is billed as the hardest 48 hr endurance event in the U.S. It is based on the Special Forces Assesment and Selection - basically the closest you can get to experiencing the Navy SEALs' infamous hell week as a civilian.

GORUCK 4th of July Challenge (Dallas/FT Worth) – After Action...

“Describe to me what an orgasm feels like”…. I sat there thinking, what kind of question is that. Especially for where I was at the time. It was July fourth at 9:00 pm in Rowlett Texas. GoRuck was the event I was at and it was a challenge.Promising 10-12+ hours and 15+ miles of good livin’. At any point if our Ruck sacks were to touch the ground there would be consequences.

48-hour Goruck “Selection” weeds out the best

Spencer Patterson, of San Diego, James Vreeland, of Detroit, and Grant Shymske, of Fort Bragg, survive the 48-hour GORUCK "Selection" endurance event at Forest Preserve District of Cook County's Poplar Creek Trail System in Hoffman Estates. The event, based on Special Forces training, demands candidates crawl, march, swim, and be otherwise tested while not sleeping for two days. Patterson, Vreeland and Shymske were the only three of their class of 11 candidates who finished, earning each of them a "Selection" patch.

Average Man’s Spartan Death Race… For Life

During a DNF while trying to carry Tim through the 2013 Vermont Beast I began asking questions about the Death Race. Long story short, Spartan Joe DeSena accepted my request to attempt the DR in an email where he replies “Thats fine but not a chance you’ll finish.” Yes, I still have his March 1, 2014 email & I plan on carrying it all the way to the finish line!

2014 Death Race: #DFQ

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since my first attempt at the Death Race. Since that time, I have participated in 5 GORUCK Lights, 2 Challenges and 5 HEAVYS. I did the 5 HEAVYs over 6 month period. 3 of these were over a 6 week period. A week off, a week on. They all lasted 26-28 hours. I also completed the HEAVY category of the Bataan Death March this year, as well as numerous Spartan Races, from Sprints to the Beast.

GORUCK: Teaching An American State of Mind

The foundation for everything GORUCK is the wartime experience of our 70+ Cadre, all of whom are decorated combat veterans of Special Operations.

State of GORUCK: 2013 Recap. And Steals and Deals Is Still...

    We owe all of GORUCK’s grassroots growth to you. Communication has been at the heart of it, from you to us and from us...

GORUCK Revolution Class 000: Join us or die

Where to start… This wasn’t just any Goruck event, this was the first of its kind. Goruck combined with the history of the Revolution....

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