GORUCK: Teaching An American State of Mind


The foundation for everything GORUCK is the wartime experience of our 70+ Cadre, all of whom are decorated combat veterans of Special Operations.

At our Events, their main task is to teach you how to overcome adversity by working together as a team. Anyone can lead a bootcamp for civilians, anyone can tell you to do a million push-ups in a row and watch you fail. I always thought that was stupid and a waste of everyone’s time. GORUCK works because our Cadre teach you how to succeed together whether you’re black, white, young, old, male, female, pink, polka-dotted, civilian, military, or none, or somehow all of the above. Race, religion, politics, sex, nationality, and orientation are irrelevant because American is a state of mind that cuts across everything, it’s a state of mind that does not allow for defeat. And we believe in that state of mind and our Cadre teach that state of mind.

If you came to GORUCK to challenge yourself as an individual, you stayed with GORUCK because of the people, because of your team. And your team became part of a family called GORUCK Nation and in every way you are the proof that the lessons our Cadre teach make it back to your daily lives, that they transcend the events themselves. That American is a state of mind, and one worth living.

Watch our Cadre Building Better Americans here.

As always, thank you for the support,

Jason McCarthy
Founder, GORUCK

PS: GORUCK Cadre have led over 1,500 Events around the world. We have open events for the rest of 2014 in all 50 States and in countries all over the world. Sign up here.



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