State of GORUCK: 2013 Recap. And Steals and Deals Is Still Live (for a while longer)


State of GORUCK


State of GORUCK 2


We owe all of GORUCK’s grassroots growth to you. Communication has been at the heart of it, from you to us and from us to you and that’s a ‘lead with transparency’ approach that defines who we are as a company. In this State of GORUCK post, you’ll find our financials for 2013 and the reasons for Steals and Deals (we are not very good at forecasting inventory needs) and even an explanation of GORUCK’s first winter. And of course there’s a healthy dose of Java and Monster in there for those of you who, like me, can’t imagine a life without dogs.

Thanks for all the support and click here for the full explanation.

Some Housekeeping:

Steals and Deals has moved a lot of inventory for us. A lot of gear is gone forever, other gear (mostly colors) is on the verge of being gone forever.

Featured Steal: 10L Bullet Ruck at $85, down from $175. Perfect for short rucks, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) Events, and as an urban dayruck. This ruck will be a staple for us and has become my dayruck as Cadre for the last year, we just have way too much of them in stock still. Our inability to order correctly is your gain.

Steals and Deals will be live through Memorial Day, which is May 26th. We offer free domestic shipping over $65 and I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to create a sense of urgency or something. How about this instead: there are some great prices, if you can put our gear to good use and price matters to you (like everyone else in the world), now is a pretty good time to pick some up.

As always, thank you for building GORUCK grassroots style,

Jason McCarthy

Founder, GORUCK


GORUCK Steals and Deals

State of GORUCK 3

P.S. GovX codes are now functioning properly again on our website. This means that active duty members of the United States Armed Forces receive additional discounts. If this means you, thank you for your service.



President, GORUCK Nation


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