Your long overdue National Ninja League recap and preview


There are 3 national ninja league events taking place this weekend. This article takes a look at the competitors and some of the obstacles that are known.

But I’m back now, and the National Ninja League rolls on with 3 more great events this weekend! First up, on Saturday, we have Classic City Ninja in Waterloo, Indiana and TA Fitness in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Then on Sunday even more competitors will get to test their skills at the hosting gym for this year’s National Ninja League Finals, Apex Movement Norcal in Concord, California.

Classic City Ninja is located in the Classic City Center. A massive 12 acre sports, community, events, and entertainment facility that has hosted everything from youth soccer games to weddings (not sure how many ninja gyms can say that)! As amazing as the facility is as a whole, I know you want to hear about the Ninja Warrior side.

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