Why trail half marathons in May are the perfect race to start your season.


Running season, and more importantly, trail running season is approaching quickly.   Just like you can’t get into poolside shape two weeks before your tropical vacation, you can’t build the base you really need for the summer trail running season by cramming months worth of base into a few weeks without that dreaded injury or just under performing.

That’s why training for an early season trail half marathon is such a good idea.  Whether the weather holds you back or the motivation, finding ways to run in late winter and early spring is going to set you up for a great summer of running.  If you do it right, your May half will have a bunch of advantages.

Here are a few:

  • Starting the trail season with a decent aerobic base
  • Already having some early competitive juices to fuel your training throughout the summer
  • A routine/habit to continue through your season
  • You’ll be able to address your needs as a runner much earlier in the year after competing

Even you aren’t ready for a trail half this May, find one in your area and volunteer.  It might motivate you for the rest of your season as much as running and race directors always appreciate early season help!


What is your favorite early season trail run?  You can enter it HERE on our Mud and Adventure calendar!


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