200 miles in breathtaking Colorado with 7 of your running buds. This is RAGNAR.

Run Wild and Free, Free.
On this June 3rd and 4th you can go through your House Of Cards marathon or, you can go epic and run 200 miles with 7 of your best running buds in Snowmass, CO with RAGNAR Relay.  And really quick, before we tell you more, you can do it free if you enter this raffle for a free team HERE!
Beautiful Colorado
Beautiful Colorado


The relay takes runners over 200 miles through the heart of the Rocky Mountains and each runner gets to choose their sections before the race.  Everyone is guaranteed amazing views and amazing running in the high Rockies.

Oh, if you KNOW this is an event you have to check off the bucket list, Mud & Adventure has partnered with RAGNAR to give you $50 off per team.  Just use this code at checkout: RR16MBR50


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