10 Exercises to Get You Ready for an Obstacle-Course Race


Running up muddy hills, climbing over walls, jumping over fire pits, and carrying sandbags … these are a few of the challenges you’ll likely find at a mud run or obstacle-course race. 

Obstacle racing offers several new challenges and tests. Get ready to take on these new tests by starting in the weight room. Building strength and circuit training are the main ingredients to performing successfully in these types of races. It takes more than running to be prepared for these events—you also need strength, power, balance, coordination and strategy. 

Here are eight exercises that will help you master obstacle-course races. Learn these exercises one at a time and, once you have the technique down, try grouping 3 to 5 of them together for a circuit. When focusing on strength, use heavier weights and perform fewer repetitions. When circuit training, use lighter weight and do more reps. Read on, click on the article below…



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