5 Exercises You Can Do With a Weighted Ruck


Today I set out to do a full body workout using my weighted ruck. My ruck held 7 bricks with a dry weight of exactly 45lbs. I wanted to hit some major muscle groups focusing on training for GORUCK events. I did 5 different exercises. 5 sets of 30 reps of each exercise for a total of 750 reps. I focused less on time and more on form. During the flutter kicks, I got caught in the rain and decided to do them under the water as it ran off my roof.

*I am not a trainer. I simply create my own workouts to train for upcoming events. Some other great exercises with a ruck include walking lunges, bear crawls, and push ups. Adjust the weight if necessary.

weighted ruck front squat
front squat
weighted ruck shoulder press
shoulder press
weighted ruck upright row
upright row
weighted ruck bicep curls
bicep curls
weighted ruck fludder kicks
flutter kicks


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