How to Train For an Obstacle Course Race


Alexander Nicholas, owner of Epic Hybrid Fitness, provides 2 high intensity workouts to help you prep for your next obstacle course race.

“In an obstacle race, you need to ‘start and stop’ different muscle groups when transitioning through different obstacles, which leaves your entire body fatigued,” says Nicholas. In a Rugged Maniac race, for example, you might run a half mile through mud and water, then pull yourself up a massive warped wall, then climb across a cargo net before sliding 60 feet into water.

With that in mind, Nicholas designed these two high-intensity interval workouts to help everyone from average guys to seasoned OCR pros excel at their next race. You’ll hammer your muscles and lungs, and build the strength and mobility you need for any obstacle. He suggests doing each of the workouts once a week along with your regular fitness routine.

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