Tough Mudder – Video: How to Build a $70 Million Company in Two Years


A few weeks ago, in my own backyard here in New York City, I had the privilege of sitting in on a presentation given by Tough Mudder founders Will Dean and Guy Livingstone.  It was a great presentation that gave an insider’s view to Tough Mudder’s humble beginnings with a minimal investment and what they did with that. TM’s phenomenal growth and success has since played a huge role in taking the sport of mud running and obstacle racing  mainstream, basically creating, and in essence, becoming the face of the sport – in just a whopping two years.

I came away with a lot of great ideas for this site and wish my friend, a Superhero event organizer could have been there to as well. I’m thinking many of you would have enjoyed the experience as well. Thanks to Mike Howe of Escape the City for putting on the event and making the video available to all!

Original event literature:

Event Details

We’ve got a really exciting evening planned for March’s Esc Speaker Event…

Come and join the founders of ToughMudder and learn:

“How to Build a $70 Million Company in Two Years”

5 Incredible things you will learn from this event:
  1. How to Bootstrap from $10K of self funding to $70mn in revenues
  2. How to Build a Disruptive Product
  3. How to Develop an Off-Line Viral Product
  4. How to Successfully Partner with Global Multi-National Brands
  5. How to Create a Sustainable Company Culture
In only 2 years Tough Mudder has already challenged half a million inspiring participants with 10-12 mile hardcore obstacle courses worldwide, raised more than $2 million dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project and earned revenues of over $70 million. But Tough Mudder is more than an event, it’s a way of thinking. By running a Tough Mudder challenge, you’ll unlock a true sense of accomplishment, have a great time, and discover a camaraderie with your fellow participants that’s experienced all too rarely these days.
Introducing our Speakers:
Guy Livingstone – Co-founder
Hailing from sunny England, Guy somehow found time to train as an attorney with leading global law firm Allen & Overy LLP while juggling month-long journeys to every corner of the world. Prior to joining Will in the creation of Tough Mudder, Guy was camped out in the Middle East learning Arabic and taming camels. Outside of TMHQ, Guy is most happy trekking in the mountains (which explains his annoyingly cheerful attitude when hiking up black diamond ski trails during ‘field testing’ of Tough Mudder’s mountain events).

Will Dean – Co-founder

An Englishman, Will spent 5 years in the Middle East and South Asia chasing terrorists for the British Government before getting it into his head that an American MBA would be a good thing to do. Finding himself with a lot of time on his hands at the Harvard Business School, he decided to do a marathon and then a triathlon. On reflection, both seemed a little pointless, boring, and antisocial and mainly a test of how much time he had to spend training. Other events out there were either crazy expensive, hard to get to, took a long time, or just plain lame. When not searching the globe for crazy new ideas for Tough Mudder, Will likes riding his bike around Brooklyn and watching classic British sitcoms at home with a beer.
Details, details, details
Where: We will be meeting at the WixLounge – Located steps from Union Square, the Wix Lounge is a completely free co-working and event space for creative professionals
When: Tuesday 20th March
What time: The talk will start between 7.30 and 7.45 pm followed by Q&A

Hosted by Escape The City

Escape the City is a global community of +55,000 talented corporate professionals who want to ‘do something different’. Our members are talented corporate professionals who want to pursue exciting and meaningful careers outside of the corporate mainstream. We offer job opportunities/inspiration/resources for people to start something they love.
Check us out:
Watch our video: HERE

About ToughMudder
Tough Mudder is an adventure sports company that hosts 10 – 12 mile endurance obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test all-around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie.  Tough Mudder’s events are held across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. By the end of 2012, more than 500,000 participants will have experienced Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder has received major broadcast coverage in the New York Times, CNN, ABC and more, and has over 1.8mn Facebook Fans – nearly triple the fans of the NYC Marathon and Boston Marathon combined.
About WixLounge
Located steps from Union Square, the WixLounge is a completely free co-working and event space for creative professionals. Grab your laptop, pop into the Lounge and enjoy a productive workday, great networking opportunities, and amazing events. Active since 2010, the Wix Lounge is run by, a free website publishing platform providing user friendly tools for building beautiful, easy-to-make desktop, mobile, and Facebook sites. The Wix Lounge provides free support to users, giving them help and advice for making the ideal website. To learn more about the Wix Lounge, please visit



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