So how exactly does one train for a Tough Mudder? Just ask Tough Mudder’s new training coach.


Have you ever wondered how a person trains for an obstacle course challenge with climbing walls, pendulum swings, high jumps, monkey bars and crawling (literally) through the mud?  The answer is not as crazy as you might think.

Today, Tough Mudder announces a New Training Program, designed to give you the specific workout you need to get ready for your next (or your first) Tough Mudder. The program includes an all-new and customized workout, as well as workout video series that will showcase the moves and proper technique to achieve a full-body workout.

Here’s a couple of new Tough Mudder training guides – they are designed to train for specific obstacles, all outlined in the guides!

Tough Mudder
Obstacle Training Guide


Mudder Ready
Training Guide

Find a 
Tough Mudder

The workouts have been designed with the help of Tough Mudder’s first official trainer, Kyle Railton, aka “Coach Mud” – an aviator-wearing, Fu-Manchu mustache toting member of the Mudder Nation, who’s seen the course head-on and is ready to share his wisdom.  As the official trainer for Mudders everywhere, Coach’s mission is to answer serious endurance training questions in the Tough Mudder way – as untraditional obstacles require untraditional preparation.


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