Team Mud and Adventure Race Report – June


Race season was in full swing this June and Team Mud and Adventure represented strong all over the place. We took on some strong competitors to the team and welcomed two new team sponsors – Six Nutrition and Frog Fuel.  The below are only some highlights of the team’s participation and accomplishments last month and numbers only tell the smallest part of the story.

I’m honored to be associated with such a great group of people and can’t wait till I get run along side some of you again.

Keep kicking butt.

Orla Walsh @ Spartan Race Tuxedo Sprint  took 4th overall female 1st in age group (Saturday)

Debbie Moreau  @ Spartan Race Tuxedo Sprint:  9th place female Saturday and 4th Sunday (1st in AG both days)

Shaun Provost @ Spartan Race Tuxedo Sprint: 10th place woman / 1st age group (Saturday), 6th place female (Sunday)

Heather Cammarata @ Spartan Race Tuxedo Sprint  Sprint: 2nd in age group (Saturday) 8th female (Sunday).

Jake Ryan (Team M+A’s youngest athlete at 14)  Tuxedo Sprint, Sunday June 8 – 2nd in age group (20 and under) 10th overall

Chikorita De Lego @ Spartan Súper Valle de Bravo (Mexico) Second place Spartan Súper Valle de Bravo

Charles Vassallo @ Spartan Race Tuxedo Sprint  Sprint: 14th overall (Saturday)

Lucas Pfannenstiel  @Spartan Race Monterey Beast  39th / 10th in age group

Alex McKeown @Spartan Race Monterey Beast 46th / 9th in age group

Chikorita De Lego @ 10km race “aqui nadie se rinde” – 2nd place

Jim Matheis @BattleFrog Carolinas

Jim Matheis 6/28 Down2Earth Trail run 10k 1st place

Chikorita De Lego @ Spartan Race Utah Beast 1st place

Justin Anderson @ Savage Race PA

Noelle Schad Daniels @ Savage Race PA – 3rd over all elite female 2nd in age

Victoria Smutek @ Savage Race Pennsylvania – 4th in age group

Joe Smutek @ Savage Race Pennsylvania – 4th in age group, 20th overall

Shaun Provost @ Spartan Race Connecticut Sprint

Laura Messner @ Spartan Race Connecticut Sprint – 7th place female

Orla Walsh @ Spartan Race Connecticut Sprint – 3rd place female

Tanya Manning @ Cahoots Duo Challenge Prison Break

Nele Schulze @ 2014 Summer Death Race

Carey Degon @ 2014 Summer Death Race – official finisher

Evan Williams @ 2014 Summer Death Race

Stu Klaas @ 2014 Summer Death Race – official finisher

David Buddy Homa @ 2014 Summer Death Race – official finisher

Matthew “IronBeast” Dolitsky @ 2014 Summer Death Race – official finisher

Cynthia Johnson @ Spartan Race Connecticut Sprint

Ryan Josti @ Spartan Race Connecticut Sprint

Charles Vassallo  @ Spartan Race Connecticut Sprint 17th

Elise Fugowski @ Spartan Race Connecticut Sprint  – 1st place female


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