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OCR Athlete Profile: 10 Questions with Debbie Moreau Koch

Debbie Moreau Koch shares what her life is like being a working, single mom and an Elite OCR athlete.

The Mini Beast, Spartan Race Palmerton Sprint 2014

A Real Mini Beast – PA Sprint 2014 I often hear the term mini-beast get thrown around quite loosely as referring to a Spartan Sprint...

Team Mud and Adventure Race Report – June

Race season was in full swing this June and Team Mud and Adventure represented strong all over the place. We took on some strong competitors to the team and welcomed two new team sponsors - Six Nutrition and Frog Fuel. The below are only some highlights of the team's participation and accomplishments last month and numbers only tell the smallest part of the story. I'm honored to be associated with such a great group of people and can't wait till I get run along side some of you again. Keep kicking butt.

Team Mud and Adventure Weekend Recap – May 31- June1

This weekend was bittersweet. I was stuck in sunny paradise working on various projects but got to watch through social media as my Team Mud and Adventure teammates do what they do best - took names and owned themselves some races. Without further ado and in no particular order: In Conyers, Georgia at the first ever BattleFrog Series event: Andi Hardy took fourth place female on Saturday in the 15k race and...on Sunday came back for first place female in the 15K and 3rd place female (1st in age group) in the 5k event. Matt "IronBeast" Dolitsky came in 19th overall and 2nd in his age group in the 15k race Saturday.

The Season Started Early – Race Recap: BoneFrog Challenge (Charlemont, MA...

May 17th, 2014- Berkshire East Ski Resort, located about 2 hours north west of Albany NY in Charlemont MA was host to the 2nd event for the NAVY SEAL run BONEFROG CHALLENGE.

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