Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

There are times in life that we become too comfortable, where what we do becomes normal and commonplace. Joe De Sena will tell you over and over in his book SpartanUP! how important it is to change your frame of reference. Joe suggests the best way to do that is through adversity. When we become too comfortable with one thing, whether it be a dinner entrée, a favorite drink, a sport, or a specific type of race, we prevent ourselves from growing as a person. It’s important to remember to switch things up and take on new challenges. Step outside your comfort zone.

Believe it or not, it’s very possible for a race like the Spartan Sprint to become “the norm.”This holds especially true for many of our frequent elite Spartans, our Spartan Pro Team members and the season pass holders who come out to as many races as they can squeeze into their schedule.

That’s why you’ll see many of them switch things up often by competing in other distances, the Super or Beast for example. But even then there are times where a greater challenge needs to be sought out to develop and grow as a person. The more a person challenges themselves the more they will evolve. read more

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