Conquering Life’s Biggest Obstacles: Coach Casey’s Noble Mission


On June 1st, 2014 at the Tuxedo Spartan Race, two brave women embarked into the hilly landscape of southern New York to take on a treacherous four and a half mile course. And these particular women had more than just a race to complete, as they had surged forward with the resolve to also prove that determination and optimism can conquer even the most difficult challenges that life can throw your way. It was that very day that Delilah Talbot and her Spartan Group X (SGX) Coach, Casey Eischen, were able to look defiantly into the face of a disease that had tried to get the better of them, and to prove that not only could they conquer a Spartan Race, but that they would not be defeated by the ugly disease that is breast cancer.

The journey began several months ago, when Delilah came across a YouTube video that Casey had created with the goal of providing useful information to women recovering from breast cancer related surgeries. Casey explains, “After having a mastectomy myself, I realized the void in information available. It’s like they remove your body parts and don’t instruct you any further! So I made these instructional videos that also included some videos of me coaching SGX.” Upon watching Casey’s videos, Delilah was convinced that Casey would be the ideal coach to help her fulfill her dream of completing a Spartan Race, and reached out to her for help.

Casey has been working in the fitness profession for ten years, and has spent her last four years as a Sports Performance Coach at Takeover Fitness in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This experience has provided Casey the opportunity to instruct a wide variety of individuals. “Clients range greatly. I help athletes of all levels train for their sport as well as clients looking for weight loss and functional improvement. I do personal coaching as well as teach several group classes throughout the week.” In addition, Casey’s resume is impressive as she is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a bachelors degree in Science and Health Promotion. Despite a plan to gain a doctorate in Physical Therapy, she discovered a passion for fitness after starting her own personal training business with the initial intention to simply pay the bills. “My clientele quickly expanded through word of mouth and I decided my passion for fitness and energetic personality were better suited at the career I was in. So instead of returning to school, I continue to educate myself to be able to train anyone for anything.” Casey now holds over a dozen fitness certifications which include the ACSM (certified personal trainer) and NCSA (certified strength and conditioning specialist), she is a Fitness Nutrition Coach, and is also a proud Spartan Group X Coach. But this career choice should come as no surprise, since Casey admits, “I have always been involved in one sport or another, and as I’ve grown my interest have evolved from team sports to more individual challenges like endurance and obstacle racing. Since I was (young) I have always gravitated towards learning more about health, fitness, and the human body.” read more

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