Send John to the Sydney Ultra Beast


My fellow VPX Team Xtreme teammate, John Sales, is trying to get to Sydney to compete in the first ever Ultra Beast in Australia this November (and first ever UB outside of the U.S. for that matter).  John is a current military serviceman serving his country in the Army. I know first hand how little our enlisted military folk make. On top of his current duties and a ridiculous OCR training regimen, John has been looking for any opportunity to earn his way to Sydney to include working in the middle of the night. Not letting any chance of his dream get away, he is pursuing whatever it takes to get over there and compete.  I’ve helped John set up a fundraising campaign at Rocket Thunder. Now let each of us in the OCR community lend the smallest hand to help our fellow competitor get to the most respectable test of will we know he has trained for. 

From John’s campaign: 

A few months back I was one of the first Americans to apply, be accepted, and register for the Sydney Ultra Beast.  Since then, I have fell on some hard times.  I was on Active Duty at the time, working my dream job, repairing robots used to saved Soldier’s lives in combat.  With the current budget cuts taking place in the government, funding was cut to my program and I was no longer able to stay on Active Duty Orders.  I have less than a month of warning before becoming unemployed.  I’ve tried to start my own Personal Training business in order to help people become healthier and happier, but unfortunately have put all of my saving into my venture.

I still have my goal to complete both Ultra Beasts but need a little help.  I am a very proud person and this was not my first option by any means, as I believe there are many people in this world with realer causes for help than I.  Maybe with some assistance from you out there, I can make this goal a reality.

I promise that any additional monies raised not needed for my trip will be donated to Operation Enduring Warrior, a non-profit organization that I fund raise for in order to help disabled and wounded veterans returning home from combat operations overseas.

Thank you for your help and support.

John Sales

Get John to the Ultra Beast


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