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BadAss DashThis year’s BadAss Dash was held at the Chicopee Ski Resort in Kitchener, Ontario.  The venue was great.  With advanced race kit pick-up and registration they avoided the huge line-ups on race day.  We arrived Friday afternoon and checked into the Sheraton Four Points just 6 minutes from the race.  This hotel is recommended as it was clean and bright and well maintained and the staff are quite friendly.  We arrived on Saturday morning at 0700 hrs to get VIP parking right out front of the resort.  The $15.00 is well worth the cost to be right on-site with all your gear in the car.  It was only 2 degrees so we had to add a layer as we knew it would be chilly going in and out of water obstacles.  

Mud crawl with gravel
Mud crawl with gravel

Our race began at 0800 hrs so we had plenty of time to check out the vendors, merchandise and check our bags pre-race.  The M/C was great and kept everything flowing along nicely.  They sent off heats of 50 people every 4 minutes and this kept the course clear and stress-free with no bottle necks at any obstacles.  Each obstacle was fun, creative and offered a challenge.  Plan to get wet here as you are in and out of water obstacles often and then you go through sand to add that extra gritty element. 

Up and over...
Up and over…

 The course begins up hill as do most of these and that is where you have to pace yourself so you can maintain a good pace for the entire 7K.  The water stations were every few kilometers and this was perfect to keep racers hydrated and near medical help if needed.  Volunteers were throughout the course and were friendly, well-informed and motivating.  The course takes advantage of the beautiful wooded trails that wind throughout the slopes and the gentle inclines offer a good cardio challenge along the way.  Some of the obstacles included tunnel crawls, over/unders, walls, pools, slides, sandbag carries, smashed car climbs, cargo nets, mud pits and water spider webs. 

Almost there....

Good family event as they have a variety of courses available.  Timed event and your returned chip gets you food and a drink.  Fruit and Gatorade free at the end of the course along with a great BadAss medal.  Overall a very well run event.  Good food, good music, great bonfire with seating to warm up beside, photo ops everywhere and a fantastic location.  This one goes to one of my top 3 faves to date.

Overall: 4.5/5

Tips: wear 3/4 pants to protect your knees on the crawls.  Fingerless gloves will help with the ropes and gritty mud pits… not to mention the cold if racing in the a.m.

Nice medal!
Nice medal!


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