Samurai Rig – Advice From Those Who Got Across


Some tips from several racers for getting across the Samurai Rig which gave many racers issue during the 2016 OCRWC short course.

Start high. As high as you can. The way the obstacle has been arranged, you tend to lose height as you progress through it – if you start mid-pole, you will slide to the ground before making it to the end. This is the number one reason racers have failed this obstacle.

This article originally appeared at Ekaterina “SOLO” Solovieva. Click here to go to original article

Original AuthorEkaterina Solo
Original SourceEkaterina “SOLO” Solovieva
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Solo is a Siberian born and Canadian trained obstacle racer. Late bloomer, she did not run her first road race until her mid-20s. Since then, her physical pursuits have become progressively longer, and progressively muddier as she made the transition from road racing to trail racing, and finally, to obstacle racing. Now a self-professed adrenaline junkie, she has been a military style bootcamp instructor, became a yoga teacher, took off to India for six months, summitted three peaks in Himalayas, ran races in US, Canada, Russia and Israel, skydived and bungee jumped, and rode donkeys in Jordan. When she is not pummeling her dopamine receptors, she is a health coach, a freelance writer, a yoga teacher and a psychology professor.


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