Rugged Maniac 2017 Timing Change


Rugged Maniac just announced they are doing away with chip timing for their 2017 races. This was due to a combination of their timing system not working consistently enough, plus less than 4% of their participants signing up to be timed.

We’d happily spend this kind of money if more Maniacs chose to be timed, but less than 4% opt for timing at each event. We’re able to give you the lowest prices of any obstacle race in the US (without sacrificing obstacle quality or festival entertainment) because we run our events very efficiently. Sometimes that means cutting high-cost items that don’t benefit the majority of Maniacs. So starting this year, we’ll no longer offer official timing, much like Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder.

They will be refunding anyone who paid the extra $10 for timing.

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