OCR World Championships Announce Team Competition – First Team M&A Squad Announced


The forthcoming inaugural OCR World Championships just announced it’s team competition format. The team competition will take place Sunday October 26, 2014. The individual elite and age group competitions will take place the day before on Saturday so individuals can register to race both solo and as part of a team.

The details of the team race (from the OCRWC website):

OCRWC Team Competition

The following divisions are available in team competition. Registration is now open.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Co-ed – teams must consist of two men & two women running as a male/female pair for each loop of the course
  • Charity – teams compete in the name of a charity with 50% of prize money being donated to their affiliated charity
  • Military – all athletes must be veterans or active military service members

Team Competition will have a unique format that emphasizes individual performance, while also allowing for strategy, teamwork and camaraderie.

  • All members must have completed two Obstacle Course Races during the 2014 calendar year, one of which is a OCRWC Qualifying event (exception: there is no qualification requirement for the Charity or Military divisions).
  • Teams are comprised of four individual athletes.
  • Teams race in a 2×2 relay format, paired at their own discretion into “Team A” and “Team B”(with the exception of the co-ed division for which each pair must consist of a one male and one female).
  • The first team of two (Team A) must complete one loop of the course and enter a transition area where they will hand off to Team B. Both members of Team A will be required to finish their loop before Team B can begin their loop.
  • Total team finishing time will be recorded when both Team B athletes cross the finish line (required to be within 15 seconds of each other).

Prizes will be awarded for each division, as well as for the club with the largest number of affiliated Teams. Teams are required to declare their club affiliation at the time of registration.


With that news, we are happy to name our first team squad entering the team competition.  Shaun Provost, Chikorita  De Lego, Tonya Stogsdill and Orla Walsh will be representing Team Mud and Adventure. Expect more team announcements in the near future.


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