Playout the OCR Training Card Game – an obstacle race in the palm of your hand!


I saw people training for obstacle course racing, doing pull-ups, burpees, squats, cleans, and other great exercises, but I noticed that people (including myself) didn’t have access to the obstacles we saw in races, and therefore weren’t training the specific movements required to conquer obstacles and terrain. So I set out to create a fitness training program with bodyweight exercises that mimic the specific motions required to conquer obstacles and terrain. And now it’s here – the most fun, convenient, affordable and effective way to train for your next race – The OCR Training Card Game! Thanks to over 200 generous supporters, we successfully funded our Kickstarter project, and now the game is on the market!

In the process of creating the OCR Training Card Game, we brought together some of the greatest minds in OCR, including Hobie Call, Andi Hardy, David Magida and Alec Blenis, who all provided valuable insight as to what exercises best mimic the motions of different obstacles and terrain. Here are a few exercises for you to try right now!

Playout OCR Training card game

But the OCR Training Card Game is more than just a training program: there are games and competitions, including Team Race and Elite Heat, that will push you and your friends to your physical limits, and simulate the feeling of running an obstacle course race, in your backyard or living room! There are competitive, as well as cooperative games, and you can play solo and challenge yourself against the clock. And there’s plenty of room for improvisation. The deck contains 30 bodyweight exercises (4 require a pull-up bar), broken up into 10 Terrain, 10 Skill Obstacles, and 10 Strength Obstacles, 10 WildCards, which add additional difficulty to the exercises, and 10 MiniGame competitions, such as “Max Out: Burpees”, to up the ante and the competition. There are unlimited exercise combinations and ways to play, and 3 difficulty levels on each card allow players of all ability levels to play together. If you have friends who are intimidated by OCR and/or fitness in general, the OCRTCG will be a great way to get them moving and excited about exercise.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to the Mud and Adventure store and get a copy of the Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game today!

And remember… Why workout, when you can PLAYOUT!?


Playout OCR Card Game 8


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