Back in Black. The Mud and Adventure Obstacle Race Jersey

Mud and adventure obstacle race jersey 750
Introducing the Mud and Adventure obstacle racing jersey. Simply put this is the best fitted top you can find for running obstacle races – and not just because it dons your favorite fire leaping guy logo that shows the world you love all things mud and adventure.

You’re an hour into a 12-mile race.  You’re coming out of a 200-yard barbed wire belly crawl and about to fight through a neck-deep pit of muck.  There’s a so-called elite athlete on your heels but he’s already suffering from a razor cut and the cheese grater that just tore up his abs.   You bear down and pull away so fast he can’t see the logo on the back of your badass race jersey.

The fitted Mud and Adventure obstacle race jersey powered by MudGear is tough mud run gear.  It features honeycomb 4-way stretch technology that fits close to the skin, but without the compression that makes veins pop out on your neck.  It moves with you.  It breathes with you.  It stays out of the way of obstacles.  It offers a layer of protection against the worst the course has to offer and leaves you less nicked up than that other guy.  Plus, you’ll get fewer strange looks during your next exam at the doctor’s office.  Best of all, you’ll look damn good standing on the podium in this one.

The perfect obstacle race jersey, period.

  • Fitted custom poly blend melds performance with toughness.
  • Highly breathable material wicks sweat and has excellent drainage.
  • Heavy-duty, flat-lock stitching adds durability and strength.


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