BattleFrog Gives Athletes a Million Reason$ To Compete in 2015



Miami, FL – December 17, 2014

Since the sport of Obstacle Course Racing made its way to mainstream consumption in 2009, millions of weekend warriors, “average Joes,” athletes, moms, dads, brothers and sisters have converged upon various muddy battlegrounds – some in search of an adventure; some in search of a frat party; some doing a little soul-searching. Whatever the case may be, this grassroots movement of the masses has paved the way for what many are considering the next major global action sport.

There are numerous race companies and outdoor and adventure enthusiasts putting on events all over the world – some largely successful, others one-and-done pipe dreams for eager entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck. Fresh on the scene in 2014 was an event series called BattleFrog. Founded by former U.S. Navy SEALs and guided by adventure racing legend and retired member of SEAL Team Six, Don Mann, BattleFrog has provided a unique and fun new experience to adrenaline junkies around the country. The company has invested serious time, money and resources into obstacle course racing, and in 2015 has expectations of becoming the major player in the industry.

Coinciding with their lofty goals, BattleFrog made an announcement today that promises to help further cultivate the competitive sport that OCR has become. In 2015, the company will dish out more than a million dollars in cash, prizes and awards to racers – a number that is unprecedented, and up until now, unheard of for a sport that is still very much in its infancy.

“BattleFrog is committed to the growth of the obstacle course racing industry and to further developing the competitive side of the sport,” said Mann. “In a world where it is tough to make a living as a professional athlete outside of big league sports, an announcement like this will surely not fall upon deaf ears,” he continued. “Athletes around the world – endurance, multi-sport and even Olympic-caliber athletes to name a few – now have another path towards athletic achievement, with a worthwhile payday attached.”

Here is what is athletes have to look forward to in 2015 from BattleFrog:


New Ways to Compete

Contrary to 2014 events, there will be three levels of elite competition at BattleFrog Series events in 2015:

  1. 7:30am Elite Male Division (ages 16+)
  2. 7:45am Elite Female Division (ages 16+)
  3. 8:00am Co-ed Masters Division (ages 40+)

“The introduction of a Masters Division is another first for the sport of obstacle course racing,” Mann explains. “Endurance sports such as running or triathlon have a large demographic of 40+ runners, so having a competitive option for a more “seasoned” athlete, such as myself, is very exciting.”

Learn more here.


Major Increases in Individual Race Purses

At 6 events in 2014, BattleFrog shelled out $3,500 to the top 3 males and females. In 2015, they will award $18,500 per event to the top 10 males, top 10 females, top 3 masters males and top 3 masters females at every regular season event. The BattleFrog “regular season” will start with the February 28 race at Amelia Earhart Park in Miami, FL, and end with the October 24 race at Wicomico Motor Sports Park in Charlotte Hall, MD.

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BattleFrog Series Championship Invitational 

In November of 2015, Atlanta, GA will play host to the first-ever BattleFrog Series Championship Invitational. 250 elite male, 250 elite female, 125 Masters male and 125 Masters female athletes from around the world will have a shot at this 15K, 30+ obstacle course, and a shot at a share of $60,000.

All details on how to qualify can be found here.


BattleFrog Series Cup

BattleFrog has developed a comprehensive points-earning system as part of efforts to attract the deepest fields of competition at each and every one of its series events. The system will track and rank the top 250 athletes in each of BattleFrog’s elite competition divisions (Elite Male, Elite Female, Masters Male, Masters Female) throughout the 2015 regular season. Following the results of the BattleFrog Series Championship Invitational, the top 30 elite males, top 30 females, top 15 Masters males, and top 15 Masters females will earn a share of $150,000 in cash. In total, BattleFrog Series Cup athletes will have a shot at over $330,000 in cash prizes and awards.

Check out all the details here


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