The Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game


playout OCR Card GameLess than a week from now, the next big thing in OCR will get its start–The Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game! Playout, a company started by a Pro OCR athlete, is on a mission to make fitness more fun, convenient, and effective. Their next project is just for the OCR world–The OCR Training Card Game: an obstacle course race in the palm of your hand! The OCR Training Card Game is the most fun, convenient, and effective way to train you for your next race. The game is available on Kickstarter until November 25, 2014, where you can get the OCR Game for a special price of $15 (retail $19.99).

“We brought together some of the greatest minds in OCR to create a fun, convenient, and super effective training card game that will get you, your friends, and your family excited and fit for your next race!” – Eddie Kovel, Founder and Creator of Playout and Mud and Adventure Pro Athlete

The Obstacle Course Race Training Game will train you for the toughest obstacles and terrain found in an OCR, while simultaneously giving you the experience of racing through a challenging obstacle course, using nothing but your body and a bar. The game is designed for the roughest and toughest of racers, as well as for the newbie looking to get in shape for their first race, and everyone in between.  The OCR Training Game is also a great way to introduce people to the sport of obstacle course racing by providing an accessible way to train and stay motivated to get fit!


The OCR Deck contains 30 bodyweight exercises–10 terrain, 10 skill, and 10 strength–10 wild cards to “power up” your exercises, and 10 minigames to push you to your limits.  Just like the first Playout: The Game, each card will have easy, medium, and hard levels so that people of different ages and abilities can play together!  The OCR Game will also contain three new games unique to the world of OCR–Elite Heat, Team Race, and Fun Run.  The entire OCR Training Game can be combined with the original Playout: The Game, available in the Mud and Adventure shop, for endless ways to get fit while having fun!

Check out the Kickstarter where the OCR Deck is available for $15 (retail $19.99), until November 25.  Why Workout, When You Can Playout!


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