The best protein drink on the market.


I was at the Miami Beach Equinox (bank account breaking globo-gym for the rich and those pretending to be rich) a few weeks back.  I had just finished my treadmill training and lifting and was ready to head out to the beach for some pull-ups and dips (and sun and people gawking) but first I needed some protein and calories. I stumbled across Ultra-Shake in the juice bar case when deciding upon my post workout nutrition.

There were a few tasty looking flavors available but I opted for the healthy looking one (I’m a sucker for green drinks) and grabbed a bottle of the Ultra Green Apple Spice. When I picked the bottle up it  threw me for a loop.  The bottle appeared empty. Looking closely I realized it wasn’t empty it just didn’t have any liquid in it – just the powder.

I handed the bottle back to the juice bar guy thinking he’d mix me a drink from it. He handed it back to me. “No you just fill it with water” and probably shook his head as I walked away  (the simple instructions were right on the bottle, but who reads those).

I kind of felt cheated. I just paid that (South Beach Equinox markup included) and I have to mix it myself? I looked at the bottle.

Lactose free, gluten free. Soy free. 25 grams of protein. That’s like the holy grail of protein in any form.  This is definitely going to taste like shit.

I walked over to the water fountain filled it and shook it hard shake weight style (no comments from the peanut gallery please). I downed the whole thing in like ten seconds. 25 grams of protein never tasted so good or felt lighter.

I walked back to the juice bar and grabbed like five more bottles (figuring the next time I walk in  there would be a strong chance the friendly Equinox front desk clerk might realize I actually had not paid my dues for that month and kick me back out to the street where I belonged).

After trying all the Ultra-Shake flavors I can honestly say they all taste great.  Goji Blueberry Mocha is definitely my favorite though. Not only does it taste good, that one has coffee in it too – perfect breakfast or as an anytime pick me up.

goji  blueberry mocha

lactose free (for my delicate stomach)
– soy free (because I don’t want to grow boobs)
– gluten free (because some ripped CrossFitters said it isn’t paleo)
– vegan versions available (I haven’t tried those yet)
travel ready / TSA friendly (just add water after the check point)

pricey (I guess you get what you pay for)

I was able to reach out to folks at Ultra-Shake to get us all a nice little discount (it was really for me, but it helps when you use words like audience).

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