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The Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game

Less than a week from now, the next big thing in OCR will get its start--The Obstacle Course Race Training Card Game!

Playout: The Game – Who Knew Exercise Could Be So Much...

Who knew exercise could not only be so much fun, but also so portable! Whether you work long hours, don't belong to a gym, or are always traveling (or all of the above), this revolutionary take on fitness is for you. In fact, even if none of these apply, you will still enjoy this "game." Although indicated as such on the package, Playout is SO much more than just a game. The concept is ridiculously simple, but strategically effective - make fitness FUN. There are so many options that no game will ever be exactly the same. It's motivating if you are by yourself, but equally fun with friends. Another great reason why Playout is adaptable in just about any situation. Some people like to work out alone, some prefer a group - you can do either.

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