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FIT Challenge Race Review

Robb McCoy aka Mohawk, from N. Attleboro, MA, founder and owner of FIT Challenge gave us something to talk with his fourth race event...

OCR Athlete Profile: 10 Questions with Debbie Moreau Koch

Debbie Moreau Koch shares what her life is like being a working, single mom and an Elite OCR athlete.

OCR World Championships Medals Leaked. Which one will you earn?

The medals for the first ever OCR World Championships have been leaked! Gold (colored) medals will be issued to the top three male and top female elites and top three in each of age group categories. All other finishers will get a silver colored medal. While winners they may not be real gold medal, a grand prize of $10,000 (for the top male and female) ain't too shabby! All teams who finish on Sunday will get a bronze colored medal. So if you run both days, you get two medals! Registration is still open. Be sure to use code MUDANDADVENTURE for 20% off. ocrworldchampionships.com

Two Spartan Champs. Two World’s Toughest Mudders. One OCR World Champion.

"This is amazing. The last two Spartan Race World Champions and the last two World's Toughest Mudder Champions, arguably the best athletes in the...

The Countdown to the OCR World Championships Has Begun

We're less than a month away from the sports inaugural independent championship, The OCR World Championships. We ask the OCRWC if they're ready and what to expect.

Spartan Race to Add Drug Testing

Spartan Race just released it's rules for the World Championship event this Saturday (a little over two days before their event). Of note was this little tidbit: Eligibility & Restrictions: In order to be eligible for awards, all athletes competing must pay the applicable event entry fees, agree to the All Event Waivers and consent to WADA approved drug testing. Spartan Race has not previously mentioned drug testing in any of its communications. Whether or not they follow the lead of the OCR World Championships remains to be seen. The OCR World Championships announced its event would be subject to WADA approved drug testing back in February.

The Faces of Obstacle Racing #OCRUNITED

OCR history will be made at the OCR World Championships on October 25 & 26. They'll be part of it. Will you? Follow all things...

OCR World Championships Previews Two of Their Course Obstacles

The best courses in the world test strength AND agility. Here are two of our obstacles, Sternum Checker and Inverse Bars that require both....

Mud Guts and Glory: A Course Worthy of a Championship

I can’t say that I have had many opportunities to say this but “Watch out Spartan Race, here comes (MGG) Mud Guts and Glory. I ran MGG on May 24th 2014 and although I will express to you, in the best possible way about how Fantastic the course was/is, I also feel that words cannot fully explain/grasp the overall experience I had, for you must participate in it to really know.

Mud Guts & Glory, Kings Domain and the OCRWC

Mud Guts & Glory, which began on August 13, 2013, is home of the new Obstacle Course Race World Championship (OCRWC) and one of the largest stationary OCR facilities in the Northern Region of the U.S., and with that comes a lot of perks;

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