What Makes a Profitable Mud Run


Cha-Ching. The ABCs Of Sustaining A Profitable Mud Run

Lately everywhere you turn, the news focuses on the closings of some major national fun races.  Runs get canceled.  No refunds issued.  What’s an athlete to do?

Attention adventure enthusiasts:  all runs are not created equal.  Many do an amazing job of attracting and keeping clientele while even turning a profit.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a, b, c plus d.

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A:  A Good First Impression

Mud runs are like dating.  You get one solid chance to woo your target, so don’t blow it.  There are tons of runs to try just like there are plenty of fish in the sea.  The main objective:  make your audience feel goose pimply with anticipation while delivering the best product available.

B:  Bigger Is Better

You’ve gotta think big to get big.  Kick up the energy level with everything – from race theme and entertainment to music and food – and inflate your race’s stamina until its bursting at capacity.  By hosting an after-event that has a life of its own, runners will hang around for the crazy good festivities and prolong the party.

If you build it, they will come and experience large quality obstacles.  Don’t skimp on the challenges, and change them up after each run.  Another tip for drawing bigger crowds:  create obstacles that offer varying degrees of difficulty so that athletes of all levels can participate.

C:  Care About Your Brand

Customer loyalty and retention are a refreshing approach to mud runs.  One-hit wonders come and go, but long-term commitment helps build your brand.  Growth happens when runners bring their friends and spread the word about your awesomeness.  Since there’s lots of competition for the racer’s dollar, you need to be special and solidly deliver the muddy goods that customers deserve.

D:  Develop A Tremendous Race

Differentiate your race with organization and customer service because mudders demand excellence.  By having standard operating procedures in place, your run will operate smoothly and efficiently.  Feel good option:  runs that support area non-profits are welcomed with open arms by the community (and that spells longevity for all parties involved).

A profitable mud run is achievable when you combine stellar management, a challenging course and favorable name recognition.  With this outline, success is as easy as m, u plus d.


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