Team Mud and Adventure

Team Mud and Adventure

We’re not just a team, we’re a family.

Mud and Adventure believes in obstacle racing as a sport.  Because of that we wanted to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the athlete community and promote a team of obstacle racers. Besides being exceptional, accomplished competitors, both on and off the field, Team Mud and Adventure athletes are among the most dedicated and enthusiastic representatives of the sport we all love.

These athletes are not in an exclusive contract with Mud and Adventure. If you’re looking for an athlete to represent your brand as an accomplished podium finisher or as one of the sport’s rising stars, this is a good place to start. Feel free to contact an athlete individually through their posted contacted methods.


[toggler title=”Interested in being on the team?” ]While we aren’t actively looking for additional teammates at this time, you are welcome to apply if the following doesn’t scare you off…

-you can provide proof of a top 5 or better placing in your age group in a competitive heat / wave in an obstacle race (link to race results is fine).
-willing to submit one original article related to the sport to the website prior to be accepted on the team
-not get paid a dime (this isn’t a paid sponsorship)

We will however hook up the team with occasional opportunities such as race entries or gear provided by our sponsors – usually in exchange for a written review, sometimes with no strings attached. This is more about being a part of the M+A community. On the flip side, you aren’t committed exclusively to us or expected to pay us a dime of any race winnings. Let us know if you’re still interested.[/toggler]

[toggler title=”Sponsor Team M+A” ]Become a sponsor of the team. We are currently looking for clothing, footwear, supplement, travel and lodging sponsors. We are looking for long term, loyal partnerships. We will consider proposals accordingly. [/toggler]

[toggler title=”Host a Team M+A athlete at your event” ]Besides hooking up a passionate athlete with the opportunity to run in your event, you’ll get our whole team behind them cheering them on throughout various social media channels. If desired, the athlete will provide a written recap or review of your event.  We don’t hold any punches though. We will give praise where praise is due and have been known to upset our sponsors now and again when we feel our opinion needs to be heard.  [/toggler]

Our Awesome Sponsors

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