Obstacle Runs: Which One Do I Choose?


By Christina Scannapiego | Active.com

Obstacle Runs- Which One Do I Choose?Obstacle races, adventure challenges, mud runs?they?re hotter than Justin Bieber right now. And while they aren?t synonymous with each other and they each encompass different elements (some are timed races, some are simply challenges and others yet are team or solo events), new event series are cropping up everywhere.

?Overall, everyone keeps coming back because it?s like getting our chance to be a contestant on wax-nostalgic shows like Double Dare,? says Brian Bateman of Morristown, New Jersey.

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Bateman first came across a Tough Mudder race via a running blog and it sparked his attention. ?It looked like a hybrid of a trail run with Double Dare obstacles?on speed.? He was hooked. Shortly after, he discovered the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. He?s crossed 16 finish lines in the past year. Read more on Active.com


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