Here comes GORUCK Nasty




GORUCK has put on nearly 800 events (yes, you read that right) around the globe and raised nearly $500,000 for the Green Beret Foundation. GORUCK Nasty brings GORUCK Events and their fundraising efforts for the Green Beret Foundation to a whole new level.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Course: 6+ miles, 20+ obstacles. GORUCK Cadre – all veterans of Special Operations – will be on the course to provide education, instruction, and of course entertainment. There will be Cadre running with each heat of participants as well as stationed at each obstacle. They’ll also be at the beer tent to answer all your questions about life in Special Operations or how to grow a supercool beard. (GORUCK knows no boundaries when it comes to bridging the civilian-military gap.)

2. The Date and Time: September 21st at Massanutten Resort in McGaheyesville, VA (roughly 2 hours from Washington, DC).

3. The Background: Designed by GORUCK Cadre who all served in United States Army Special Forces (aka Green Berets), this course is patterned directly after Nasty Nick, the one and only obstacle course all Green Berets train on.


4. The Perks: $1 beers. And lots of them.


5. The Tailgating: Camping is available both Friday and Saturday nights, and we hope to see you there.

6. The Cause: $20 from every registration, all spectator tickets, all $1 beer sales, and all paid parking goes to the Green Beret Foundation.


7. The Patch: When you complete GORUCK Nasty, you’ll earn the Nasty 001 patch, which will never be for sale. The patch is our tribute to the United States Army Special Forces shoulder sleeve insignia worn – earned – by all Green Berets.

8. The bottom line: Special Forces is full of work harder, play hardest types who love drinking beer but hate wasting money. So the Nasty course is the work harder part, and the $1 Beers are the play hardest part. Nasty is a fundraising event for the Green Beret Foundation, meaning it is an opportunity to do right by those doing right by us every day around the world. See ya on the course.


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