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2013 Utah Spartan Beast Review and Recap


siteThe ascent up the mountain was long.  The footing going back down the mountain was treacherous.  The 100+ degree temps was, well, hot!  The bucket brigade was difficult.  The barbed wire crawl roll was dizzying (is that a word?).  Combine all of these and you have an incredible Utah Spartan Beast race!  Yes, it was hot, dry, dusty, and the climb up the mountain felt like you were ultimately going to step on the sun, but those are the types of things that make Spartan Races great.  Who wants to compete in a race when at the end the only thing there is to talk about is the t-shirt design and your finishing time?  This was the 2nd year of the Utah Beast  at Soldier Hollow, which has very convenient and plentiful parking within close walking distance to the site.  Multiple obstacles are in view for spectators and one can simply gaze across the course to watch people go up, down, and across the mountains.

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