Gear Review: QALO Rings


A OCR athlete’s review of the QALO rings, after more than a year’s worth of use, including many Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, and more.

So far I’ve taken the ring through more than 200 miles of Tough Mudder, many hours of Spartan Races and Hurricane Heats, and the SISU Iron. I haven’t broken or lost a ring. Not even once. I’d had three QALO rings for a little over a year now, so maybe I’m due, or maybe they last longer than I expected. Now I wear my QALO ring for most of the day, every day, including right now. I wear my tungsten ring for special occasions like dates with my wife, interviews, and when I want to look fancy. The QALO rings look nice and they’re getting fancier, but I do like the look of my original tungsten ring. To some extent, I transitioned to daily use because we discovered that I’m mildly allergic to the nickel covalently bonded to the tungsten in my other ring.

This article originally appeared at Mud Run Guide. Click here to go to original article


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