Gear Review / OCR discount– Hippie Runner Headbands


Over the past few months (without the company’s awareness, I personally purchased these items) I have been testing a product of theirs for review. The company is called Hippie Runner Functional Runwear. They are a family operated business out of Myrtle Beach, SC. Owners; Mike and Leslie, who own the company have manufacturing these products for about 6 years. They travel the marathon circuit nationwide and attended last year’s London Marathon. They sell their products worldwide through their website and are a top 25% ranked seller on Amazon in volume and customer satisfaction. 

So, why did I pick Hippie Runners and their products? The majority of my obstacle course races and training are in some grueling weather. For training I sweat and was getting frustrated with the wrist band or shirt usage for wiping. For races I also needed a product to help with the same and wanted to avoid the cloth products that some races have begun to provide. I found their headbands due to the overwhelming response my wife gave me on their gear belt, but let’s get back to that product later. This focus is on their headbands.

During my purchase experience I went directly to their page, Their site is easy to navigate and their purchase method is secure.

Ratings (1 to 5. 1 being extremely unsatisfied, 5 being extremely satisfied)

Customer Service (Rating: 5)

When I said above that this is a family operated business, it is! Prior to my purchase I sent them an email about a question I had. Their feedback was returned within a few hours and directly from one of the owners, Mike. 

Shipping (Rating: 3)

As I ordered through their direct page and not Amazon I paid for standard shipping. If you are a prime member and order through Amazon you receive your prime benefits. There is nothing spectacular with this so it received a neutral\standard rating.

Fit\Feel\Usage (Rating 5)

The material stretches and works for all head sizes. There is a significant size different between my wife and me. The fabric on the material is truly one size fits all. It stretches and returns to original form after removing.

Click on image to see full length of measurement
The largest part of the head band is 4” without being stretched

From the picture above you will also recognize the stitch work in the back of the headband. It consists of a tuck, twist and hidden stitch securing the product material together. To date the product has gone through 8 bob wire crawls without damage or tear!

Wear\Tear (Rating 5)

After a number of competitive races and training sessions I have continued to reuse the same headband. The sweat is fully absorbed into the material and after a quick wash is back to new. All of the products below were used in either a training or race.

Headband Color samples

Overall (Rating: 5)

I appreciate corporations for what they are, but love supported and using locally made products. With their quality and service you receive it is worth every penny.


Speaking of price and service, I received notice from one of the owners they are offering an EXCLUSIVE discount for the OCR community of their products. At checkout, use code OCR25 and receive 25% off your order through


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