Gear Review – Hyperwear Sandbags


Let’s build a story that most can relate to. You raced in your first obstacle course race and endured a long climb with a sandbag. During the carry you think to yourself… well, maybe first exclude the part about cursing the course director or why did I do this. Think the latter and remember the thrill over you completing one of the longest obstacles in the race.

For me, my first experience with the sandbag carry was a little over two years ago. It consisted of carrying the sandbag straight up an expert ski slope and back down. I won’t beat around the bush it gave me the pure, upfront reality I wasn’t fully prepared to carry a loose item of this weight up and down a ski slope. It took no more than a day of discussion with my friends over the company that produced these wonderful bags, Hyperwear.

After a few months of pondering I placed the order for 10, 15 and 20 pound sandbags (unfilled) for a variety of exercises. My goal to carry heavier weight was to combine multiple sandbags together to ensure my strength can endure just that, loose items


Hyperwear Sandbags 10,15,20lbs
Hyperwear Sandbags 10,15,20lbs

My review is solely of my experiences with this product for the past 8 months. I received no compensation for writing this review and purchased the items using my own funds.

Ratings (1 to 5. 1 being extremely unsatisfied, 5 being extremely satisfied)

Website \ Navigation (Rating: 5)

The site is designed extremely well. The moment you get to the front page you have your menu options present with a rolling set of product images. The responsiveness over the site is immediate and categories for selecting the item you want are simple. 

Purchasing (Rating: 4)

The checkout process is standard. The downside to their checkout page is that it is not encrypted; however, they do provide you the option for purchasing with PayPal which is a secure method for payment.

Shipping (Rating: 4)

There is nothing spectacular with this, but it did offer free shipping so it received a satisfaction rating. The items showed up on time and were extremely easy to track its status.

Assembling (Rating: 5)

Items needed that are not supplied:

  1. Funnel

  2. Sand (use play sand)

  3. Scale 

Items that are supplied with bag:

  1. Sandbag

  2. Rubber Band

  3. Directions

If you don’t own a scale you can easily purchase one of their website for a reasonable price and have it along with your shipment. The bags come with the leather tongue facing out for filling. Once the funnel is inserted you can grab your bag of sand from the hardware store. During the filling process you will notice the bag expand immediately. For this make sure you are filling from the floor or secure table. Use a scale to measure to get the exact weight your bag is fit for. Once the bag has reached its designated weight use the rubber bands provided and tie the leather tongue until tightly secure. Lastly, take the tongue and tuck it into the bag. Once tucked it will not cause any inconvenience during exercise.


Tongue tied after filled
Tongue tied after filled


Tucked and secured!
Tucked and secured!

Durability (Rating: 5)

Once the tongues are secure and tucked into the bag they are truly ready to go. I have performed exercises inside and out. From multiple toss drops on carpet, wood floors, pavement, rock, dirt and anything else you can think of on a trail head it has withstood.

Overall Satisfaction (Rating: 5)

I have replaced any use of dumbbells with these. There are endless videos online that can be found with exercises and their product line contains items made for this community. There are a lot of core workouts and considerations for adding into existing workouts.

Hyperwear has me believing in their product quality. I look forward to continuing to use their products and hopefully purchase their weight vest soon


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