Gear Review: Hoo Rag


Product:  Hoo Rag – A seamless bandana (currently 42 to choose from and customization is available) $9.95-$14.95

Company Info: Hoo Rag. 1016 Clemmons ST Suite #301. Jupiter, FL 33477.  888-834-9344. [email protected]

Mission Statement/Objective: N/A

Product Claims/Uses:

Wrap the Hoo Rag around your forehead to keep hair and sweat out of your eyes, and make yourself look like John McEnroe.  Which is awesome.

Cover your mouth and nose with your Hoo Rag to prevent dust, dirt, and non-toxic paint from getting into your lungs.

The Neck Warmer style is the perfect way to look stylish while keeping your neck and throat warm.

First Impression: It is exactly what I was expecting.  No more.  No less.  Very light-weight.

Background Information:  I will sometimes wear hats or bandanas when working out. It usually depends if my hair is long enough to be in the way or not.  My hair is short right now, so the need is not there.  I generally don’t care too much about sweat on my face.

Testing the Product: I used the Hoo Rag for a few weeks. In that time, I used it while running, strength training, rock climbing, swimming, hiking, yoga, and riding a motorcycle.  I also made sure to wash it several times to test durability.

Result: The Hoo Rag did not disappoint.  It was tight enough to stay on my head while swimming, but not so tight that it gave me a headache (even after 5 hours of wearing it).  I generally didn’t get bothered by sweat in my face before.  Now that I have tried the Hoo Rag for a while, I like the change.  I only used it as a face cover once while on the motorcycle.  Lucky for me, these do not hold the odor of sweat very well because I forgot to wash it before using it.  There are plenty of styles to choose from and they have customization available.

If you have longer hair or don’t like sweat in your face, then I highly suggest you try a Hoo Rag.  It is more comfortable than a bandana and absorbs sweat like a headband.

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