Are you making this Huge rucking mistake?


Biggest Mistakes in Ruck Training or Training for GORUCK

what is go ruck
what is rucking?

What’s up, guys?  It’s Pete  Isip from  Hope you guys are doing fantastic and I just want to brush up a little bit on rucking, all right guys.

With Go Ruck getting really popular, a lot more people and a lot more mud runners are going to be rucking so I figured I hit up the topic.

Rucking  involves a long march while carrying a weight or equipment loaded book bag, wearing boots, sometimes camo-fatigues – really embracing the military ruck. Rucking is really mentally challenging as well as taxing on the body,depending on the instructor you may have.

what is go ruck?

 I made a lot of mistakes getting ready for this Go Ruck

And I made a lot of mistakes getting ready for this Go Ruck and really tried to challenge my runs a lot.  I put myself 35 steps backwards rather than actually moving forward in my Go Ruck training.  I made a big mistake and I was doing a lot of ruck training.

When you first start doing it, one simple thing that came from Sealfit, is that:

1. You do not want to practice your rucking with a book bag all the time. 

2. You do not want to ruck more than a couple of times a month. 

Do your regular training.  If you want to do any type of weighted stuff, you put a weight vest on and you do it that way.  Holding a book bag at all times really puts a lot of stress on that lower bag and really puts you in a hunched position which is not proper running position.

3.When you’re running you want to be upright, falling forward and making certain your feet are moving in a circular pattern.

Not really striking heel to toe,yeah hitting mid-foot to toe, mid-foot to toe and that’s proper running form. When you’re rucking you want to land pretty much flat footed.

4.  You don’t ever want to run with it, you want to increase your step-up pace;

You want to step through it and make sure you’re moving a little bit faster, and that’s what you want to do.

You lean into your stride, okay, so make sure when you’re moving and you’re moving fast, you want to lean into it.

You don’t want to propel into it.  Just lean like you’re falling forward and let your feet and body catch you.

 Do I wear Boots or sneakers?

If you guys are rucking and end up using boots, you want to “wear” those boots in.  If you are using sneakers, that’s cool, it’s comfortable but some people like to ruck with their rucking boots. You’ve got to break them in and you’ve got to let your body get used to it little by little just like you progress your movements. You want to progress rucking.  Don’t just grab a book bag, fill it up with a whole bunch of shit and then do it, otherwise you’re going to be in a step backwards just like I am, and I don’t want that to happen to you guys.

 How much Rucking should I do?

All right guys, so before you ruck and before you hit it out, before you put a book bag on make sure you only do it a couple of times a month.  Don’t do it that much.  If you’re going to do your bigger runs and you’re going to really just want to load the upper body with something, you want equal distribution like a weight vest.  Weight vests are huge inside, really progressing or adding an intensity to your workout.  Weight vests are really great to have and really, really just helps that minimalist workout where you don’t really have the gym to work out in.  You’re just running a lot and you just want to make it a little bit harder, put a weight vest on rather than putting all of that load onto your back, all right guys?

 Just be careful out there, Be smart

what is rucking?
what is rucking?

Also, just be careful out there, you know?  Be smart, you have any questions you know you can always hit me up.  Hit me up right over here, post up a comment, go on our fan page and definitely just post a comment there and I’ll be sure to… it might take a little bit but you know I’ll definitely get back to your questions.

All right man, this is Pete from  Hope you guys are killing it.  If you haven’t signed up for the Go Ruck  yet, I say you do it right now because it’s really great and really challenging, and people come out of it in a different light of training.

All right guys, see you later,

Pete Isip

pete isip go ruck training
pete isip go ruck training

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