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Build your strength for your summer of obstacle races!

Summer is full of mud runs and obstacle races and I have no doubt thousands of you will be preparing to get filthy out in the field, whether you are taking part in Rugged Maniac, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or any one of the hundreds of different mud runs and obstacle races available.

Whilst they are great fun, these races do feature an array of challenges which you may struggle to overcome without some adequate prep work before the big day.

The Obstacle Strength Workout is a workout designed by Tribesports specifically to help you build the strength you need to tackle the most common obstacles and challenges that you encounter on a mud run or an obstacle race. Best of all, these moves are all performed using only your own body weight, meaning the workout can be carried out with minimal equipment! So even those of you without a gym membership can use this workout to train for your chosen race.


Get better at obstacle races with this workout
Get better at obstacle races with this workout


Each of the 4 stages of the workout require you to perform a superset of two exercises back to back (followed by a short rest period) and repeating for 3 sets, before you move on the next superset in the workout. 

If you start preparing with this workout in good time – we recommend the workout 3 times a week for at least 3 weeks – then you will build full body strength to help you climb over walls, leap over pits, drag yourself through ditches, swing over gaps on monkey bars and ultimately reach the finish line in good time and in one piece!

You can find loads of others who have taken this workout over on the Tribesports Challenge page who will be able to help you out with their own tips. Check out the full guide to the workout here to find out how each different exercise and superset will help you in the race.

Good luck!



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