11 Rules to Fuel Your Run


You can train hard and smart for an event like an obstacle race like the Tough Mudder or even a traditional 10-mile run, but there’s more to prepping for game day than your daily workouts.

Fueling properly for your mud run or road race is critical in order to be in peak form! The right nutrition will also ensure that you have the energy for your tougher workouts down the stretch.

So how do you have a healthy diet or eating plan for your next Tough Mudder or half-marathon?

Here are 11 rules of thumb to keep in mind.


1. Keep it light, but make it sustaining.

Your pre-workout meal should be low in fat with a some carbs and protein.

Think a shake with bananas, whey protein powder, and water. Or if you’d rather have breakfast before your morning workout: a hard-boiled egg and ½ cup of oatmeal.

2. Don’t skimp on carbs, but don’t overdo it.

A pre-workout meal is not the time to think about carb-cutting. You’ll need some carbs to fuel your workout.

3. Eat at least one hour before your workout.

After filling up your tank with healthy fuel for your workout, the last thing you want to do is let a stomach cramp inhibit your workout. Give yourself enough time to digest.

I personally prefer waiting an hour and a half to a couple hours before a workout. More than two means having to put up with an empty stomach during burpees.

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